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  • Can shapers or girdles hurt my body?
    The Shapewear that we have at your disposal is designed following the highest quality standards that allow them to be resistant, yet soft enough to care for and protect the skin, avoiding any type of irritation. To avoid any discomfort, we recommend finding and purchasing the correct size.
  • Can I sleep with my Shapewear on?
    According to the opinion of several experts, it is recommended that you sleep with some shapers or girdles if you have been in surgery, such as liposuction or tummy tuck, and its use must be for a specific time, determined by your physician.
  • How can I wash my Shapewear correctly?
    For proper Shapewear care, it is recommended that you use a mild soap with a neutral PH since these soaps do not irritate the skin and will not harm your girdle. Do not use chlorine or bleach, as these chemicals are very strong and will likely damage the fabrics. They will also make your shaper lose its elasticity and firmness. Hand wash to prevent the shaper from looking damaged and heavily used. Do not wring or squeeze it with your hands. Dry outdoors without receiving direct sunlight. Shapewear should not be dried in dryers because the heat damages the garments and causes them to deform.
  • What is the size of girdles that I should use?
    To find and purchase the optimal size of Shapewear, we recommend that you measure your hips and waist. In our facilities, our advisers can help you and guide you to choose the girdle that best suits you. If it is not possible for you to go to one of our stores, in the size charts section of our website we provide you with the measurements according to the brand you wish to purchase or through our chat.


How do I make a purchase? 

Purchasing at is very easy, just follow these steps:

1. Go to the Home section through our website, click on “Go To Store”, look around and find your ideal product.

2. To add products to your cart, choose color and size (compare your size with our size chart before buying). Any questions? Our sales representatives will help you find the right product for your body. 

3. When you have everything you need in your shopping cart, fill out the shipment information in the proper fields.

4. Select your payment method and fill out your payment information, then click on “Pay”. Once the payment has been accepted, you will receive an email with the purchase confirmation and your order number.

5. Receive your product at the door of your home or office.


Is it safe to buy through


It is 100% safe to buy at Both our website and payment system include Secure Socket Layer (SSL), a security protocol with which your information travels safely. Additionally, in our privacy policy you can consult the way we manage your personal data.  However, it is important that you take the recommended measures to prevent fraud.


How can I modify the items in my shopping cart?


If you haven’t placed your order, you can go to your shopping cart in the top right corner, it will show you the products you have chosen. There, you can erase the product you don’t want, look for the right one, and select it.


If your purchase has been confirmed, we can’t modify the order. We suggest you contact our customer service representatives as soon as possible so we can best help you out.


Keep in mind that after receiving your product, you have 10 calendar days to process an exchange.


If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team:

USA: (352) 226-3281

WHATSAPP: +1 (352) 226-3281



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